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Active Sensing

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Featured Lectures

Mitra Hartmann (2011)

Biological modeling and biomimetics: some thoughts from study of the rat vibrissal (whisker) system

Tony Prescott (2012)

Saliency maps for spatial attention: insights from mammal-like robots

Dana Ballard (2012)

A new look at human motor control

Other Lectures

Towards human-robot symbiosis: new perspectives for assistive and rehabilitation robotics

How neuroscience will change our view on consciousness

Unified framework for perception of stimulus intensity and perception of stimulus duration in humans and rats

Where and how in the cerebral cortext do single neurons process more than one sensory modality during perceptual judgments?

Signal processing in vertebrate and invertebrate early visual systems

Consciousness and the machine

Neuronal circuits that link action and perception

Vision for action and action for vision

Hippocampus, striatum and beyond: interweaving motivation with action, memory and perception