Brain Evolution

"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution". So wrote the evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky ciriticising both anti-evolution creationism and the reductionist synthesis of 20th century molecular biology. The expression is particularly true when trying to understand the human brain. Speakers at BCBT have addressed broad questions from identifying the units of selection for brain and behaviour (Barbara Finlay), understanding the origins and evolution of mammalian cortex (Jon Kaas), and tracing the evolutionary origins of some of the first brains (Nick Strausfeld).

Featured Lectures

Barbara FinlayBarbara Finay (2015)

Robust, plastic and scalable: developmental organizing principles of the vertebrate brain

Jon KaasJon H. Kaas (2011)

The evolution of the large, complex human brain

Nicholas J StrasfeldNicholas J. Strausfeld (2012)

Evolution of arthropod brains and the origin of complex visual systems

Other Lectures

Multidisciplinary approaches to brain evolution and development

Plasticity in the developing brain

EvoDevo and brain function: how biology achieves hirarchic complexity