Advances in brain science, and the computational understanding of mind, have encouraged researchers to believe that a theoretical understanding of consciousness may be within our grasp. In these featured talks Victor Lamme discusses what we might learn about consciousness from visual neuroscience, Adrian Owen asks how we can tell if someone is conscious at all, and Marcello Massimini explores how we might measure conscious states in the brain.

Featured Lectures

Adrian OwenAdrian Owen (2010)

When thoughts become actions: imagining disorders of consciousness

Marcello MassiminiMaarcello Massimini (2010)

A perturbational approach to evaluate the brain's capacity for consciousness

Victor LammeVictor Lamme (2010)

How neuroscience will change our view on consciousness

Other Lectures

Cerebral connectivity in disorders of consciousness

The proactive brain: predictions in visual cognition

How to build a robot that feels

The DAC theory of consciousness

Mental architecture: autonomy, emotion, cognition and consciousness

Consciousness and the machine

Metastability in neurodynamics

Goal encoding and monitoring in monkey prefrontal cortex